Break Down Recovery

Whether you need a scrap car pickup, car storage, car uplift service, emergency roadside assistance, or accident assistance, we are available any time, day or night. We are dedicated to providing the most efficient, fastest service around, but we need your help to do so. When calling or writing our professional staff, please include the following information:

  • Full name and valid telephone number
  • All relevant addresses, including postal codes
  • Preferred delivery or pickup day and time
  • Passengers involved (in the case of emergency or accident assistance)
  • Make and model of vehicle
  • Service required (scrap pickup, assistance, storage, etc)
  • Addition information you feel we may need

Accident Recovery

In the unfortunate event that you may have an accident on your travels, we are equipped with the latest recovery service equipment, enabling us to retrieve your vehicle from either “On, or Off Road ” situations.

In certain circumstances it may be possible for us to direct the call out and Recovery charges direct to your insurer, helping to relieve the stresses, and strains that follow a Road Traffic Accident.

Following  your  phone call to our dedicated call handler, we will dispatch a recovery vehicle to your location, Driven by one of our courteous and professional drivers, to recover your vehicle to your chosen destination.

If the vehicle is Recovered to our car Storage yard we offer a free 24 Hour Call out to enable you to view your vehicle in our storage compound, and if required remove any or all of your belongings from the vehicle.

Home Service Start

Car won’t start, not a problem, Here at RS Recovery we offer a Home Start service for local Glasgow customers, if your car will not start due to flat battery or fuel issues then help is at hand. You can book one of our qualified Home start engineers to get your car back on the road again right from your front door. Please call us on 0141 892 0047 for more information regarding our quick and easy home start service.